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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a session work?

You and your accompanist (if applicable) arrive. The studio is already set up for you, so we only need to do a sound check for recording levels prior to you doing your thing. We record each piece and you listen in a good listening environment with high end monitors after each recording. If you like what you hear, we're done. If you're not happy, we repeat. By the time you leave, your CDs are in your hands and mp3s are in the mail to you!

How long does it take?

The total time depends on how much material, how prepared the performer is and how many takes are required. For someone in exam/competiton/performance shape, a session typically takes two hours (somewhat longer if you're doing your ARCT). I also need a little time to post-produce what you've recorded to get into final form on your CD/mp3. For a more refined estimate of time, multiply your performance time by 6 (2x record, 2x listen, additional time for post-production and actually producing the CDs/mp3s). When you book your session we'll discuss this.

What is the cost?

Studio rate is $55/hr. Min 1hr.
If I feel the piano needs tuning to get to recording-level grade (my option), we'll share the cost ($60 to you).
If you definitely want the piano tuned just before your recording (your option), then you absorb the full cost ($120).
Unlabeled CDs in a case are produced at cost ($2 in a case).

What is the recording environment?

This is a home-based recording studio. There are two principal areas: a larger instrumental area where piano and other instruments such as strings, winds and drums are recorded and a small office where vocals/guitar are recorded. In terms of enviromnent, think B&B rather than commercial hotel.

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