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Acoustic Recording 101
Essential ingredients for capturing a good performance

Most people know you need great instruments and microphones. This by itself isn't enough, though. The small signal from the microphone must be amplified with high fidelity with great electronics throughout the entire signal chain. And the recording environment must have well-designed acoustics which prevent unwanted echoes/reverb/etc. from cluttering the intended signal. You can really hear the difference.

Great instruments

Steinway grand piano onsite (Model M)
Bring your fingers, voice or instrument

Great microphones

Royer SF-1 ribbon microphones (a "gold standard" for classical instrument recording)
Pearlman TM-1 (premium vocal mic -- more jazz/pop oriented)
AKG C414B-XLS (high end neutral mic -- excellent for classical vocals or instruments)

Great electronics

D.A.V. BG-2 preamp (premium preamp used by many recognizable recording artists)
Metric Halo LIO-8 ADC and DAC. These are high end converters which take the analog to digital for recording and digital to analog for listening.

Focal Twin6 Be monitors - these are high end monitors to facilitate accurate listening.

Great acoustics

Custom fiberglass-based bass traps onsite for sound/acoustic control. Walls/ceilings for instruments&vocals, area for dedicated vocals

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